Monday 12 December 2016

Sunny Sunday

Yesterday we kind of had a perfect day. After several weeks of Christmas season business and mum hurting herself with a nasty fall in the garden a few weeks ago and damaging a few ribs very badly in the process, we haven't gone to the beach in weeks and really needed some fresh air and a break.

The weather was amazing, sunny and warm, in the middle of December, we are really lucky, we know :) Also we had the entire beach for our selves, such luxury!

The sea was clear and calm, the sand had pretty motives.

Everything shiny and fresh.

And picturesque still-lives to boot.

Olive was enjoying it too, running around, always a joy to watch a happy doggy :)

A little sweet water stream.

Today we woke up to a dark clouded sky and it has been raining all day, the rain is very welcome but I'm happy that it waited a day :)

We of course went home with some lovely shells and driftwood :)


  1. Beautiful pictures! A bit of summer in the winter. :-D

  2. Yes! You are so so so lucky!
    Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing, i forgot the cold we have here for 10 minutes watching this beautiful images!
    Hope your mother is well now.

  3. gaaah so pretty! makes me long for summer or at least spring :)

  4. Argh going to make me cry, it is so cold here! I am extremely jealous!

  5. So lucky girl!! It is an energizer!! <3

  6. Lovely sunshine. I am jealous of your nice weather :)