Monday 8 July 2019

Cinderella Transformation

We purchased these 1950's chairs a while back. I found them so ugly that I resisted especially as we already have a whole bunch of chairs that are awaiting my tender loving care. But mum loved their potential so they came home with us.

The yucky brown paint and horrible fabric to match were I guess once upon a time 'fashionable'.

After peeling off old the fabric and the filling, and then stripping off the paint (with help of a non-toxic paint remover) they already looked a million times better.

They also had crooked front legs which I had to remove and reattach to straighten them, plus the entire skeleton needed some serious glue and nail reenforcements.

After that, they waited in a pile for a few months...

Until we finally decided what to do with them and I had finished a few older projects.

I painted the details which brought out the beautiful woodwork. Unlike pieces from the 70's-80's these are actually hand carved! How silly to cover up so much work with that ugly dark brown stuff.

I kept the old webbing but also added new webbing.

It got fresh new foam instead of dusty batting.

And then I cut this amazing handwoven damask linen with hand embroidery. I had painted the flowers according to this embroidery.

Oh my gosh, what a difference. Of all the transformations we've done this one seems to be the most extreme, from extremely ugly to extremely gorgeous, like the famous Cinderella scene, from a dirty girl to a shiny princess.

After painting the details I varnished the entire piece.

It seems that the chairs were not done by the same person, lots of small details are a bit different, which I love.

Besides the woodwork the embroidery is also not the same, making them matching but each also unique.

We are totally in love with them.

They are available in our StarHomeStudio shop among many other unique furniture pieces and home decor.


  1. They sure were hideous :D Much better now, but the 3 holes at the top still look a bit like a ghost face >< Haunted chairs...

    1. Ha ha I hadn't even noticed them, look at the full side of the chair, not the empty holes :)))

  2. Great work. Like to see how the transformation was made.

  3. Haha, you really hated their previous look :D
    But yes, they look much better now! I love the fact that they're hand carved, sometimes I wish we had less stuff in stores but more quality handmade things.