Wednesday 27 January 2021

Trashure - Furniture Makeover

 It has been a while since I showed a full process of a furniture piece. My brand new phone's camera died so haven't been able to make any videos either.

I loved the shape of this chair unfortunately it had skeletal issues so I could only reuse its legs.

I cut an upcycled piece of MDF with rounded corners and attached the legs (after sanding and varnishing) to that.

I glued a piece of firm foam to the wood and stapled fabric to keep it in place.

I knitted about 12 meters of knitted tube with this handy 'machine' each row is turned by hand so it is a manual thing but goes of course faster than hand knitting.

I cut strips of foam and put those in the knitted tubes.

I then stapled the short ones side by side.

Woven the longer pieces in.

And then staped those too.

I love how it turned out! The lamp is also a project I did not so long ago, it was an old coat rack but the hooks were missing so I turned it into a cool standing lamp for our own home.

I love the fresh minty color, we got the yarn while traveling last year in Florida at a thrift store! So it is a very eco-friendly project.

I stapled a contrasting colored fabric to hide the staples and endings.

This one of a kind beauty is available at


  1. it looks SO cool! really beautiful!

  2. Wow Star! That's amazing! So much work and such a gorgeous end result! and what a cool idea using Addi knitting for furniture, I'm in love! :)