Monday 1 October 2007


A possible definition of vintage jewelry is high-end fashion jewelry that has achieved a ‘collectible’ status and increases in value over time.
We like to think that will apply in time for all our designs!!
In the mean time we are happy to use ‘vintage’ elements in our creations, meaning, specially well made pieces or findings, that through their high quality or the fact that they are hand made and/or particularly old, deserve special attention.
Rather than to use only these vintage stuff in a creation we prefer to use it sparingly and highlight it , building a piece around the vintage parts, as it were.

Living in Turkey, we have access to a different kind of vintage, the old Turkmenistan pieces, that can be found in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. They are mostly alpaca pieces, sometimes low grade silver, adorned with stones or glass or even colored plastic. We love those pieces!!
They are exquisitely hand made, with an amazing craftsmanship and very simple means, often incorporating old coins and other recycled stuff, vintage within vintage, varying between twenty and seventy years old, give or take.
We don’t like that much the ethnic look, maybe because we see here so much of it. That is the reason that we try and give a totally new look to these old pieces, funky, vampy, eclectic. Hope you like it!

Here some views of our vintage goodies, waiting to be used. So much to do…

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  1. Star, your jewelry is great and your stories are so enjoyable. I kind of envy (in a positive way) you, having such of treasury-boxes filled with vintage goodies... and I know, some day they will live their new lives in your stunning creation :)