Saturday 20 October 2007

Air mail

When we started selling jewelry online, we never dared to send them by mail, but used a carrier. Very expensive, but reliable and fast.

Recently, we have started to send smaller items by registered mail, and I must say that we are pleasantly surprised. The packages arrive within a week in Europe, twelve days in the USA. Also the delivery confirmations arrive dutifully back.

Receiving packages takes longer, three or four weeks, but we haven’t lost a package-yet.
Some time ago a friend from Holland had to send me a document that was important and urgent for me to get. So, to be sure, asked hem to send it to me twice, once by express mail and once by registered mail. Having to sign for the latest, should prevent it from getting lost.

Almost a month later I sow the postman finally arrive on his bicycle. With a flourish, the two thick envelopes flew over the garden wall and landed with a thud on the grass. Not per express, not registered, but air mail all right.



  1. Oh yeah ... I wish we could "beam" things around! That way, we could deliver our things in person. Now THAT would be fun! :)

  2. I like it how you feature other sellers on your blog like the ones in this article! They make gorgeous things!

  3. I'm enjoying the chattiness of your blog! And sorry for being an absolute flake, but while sniffling my way through a flu, I did get around to making a crafts blog, yehey! So this is the link you should use, instead of my personal blog:

    Again, sorry for the link changes and all. See you at the forums in a bit :)