Sunday 25 November 2007

Shit happens

Last Sunday, an hour long downpour was enough to swamp the lower parts of the town, where the insufficient or not existent canalization could not absorb it. The biggest supermarket, really a big one, was flooded and won’t open in three weeks.
Our studio, also downtown, was flooded as well. Many pieces got damaged, some of them beyond repair. Shit.

In such situations, I have the greatest admiration for the Turks. They are stoic and laconic and convinced that some good will come of it.
If you travel through the poorest parts of Turkey, you can find always some little old man in rags, obviously at the end of his tether. If you ask him, as is the custom, ‘uncle, how are you?’, he will smile a big toothless smile and answer, ‘very thankful’ (to God). I am always moved by this faith, by the ability to find thankfulness where there is nothing to be thankful for.

I simply envy the ability to disconnect reason and simply believe. We, the infidel, can only say, well…shit happens.


  1. Too bad star, hopefully most of your beautiful work is still OK.

    And this is most important, YOU are ok!

    *Sends some good wibes*

  2. Wish you all the best an hope the 'good' years will follow now...