Friday 6 June 2008

Friday Findings: Buttons

tamar- Eco Chic unique recycled paper flower pin

stacyhandmade-Journal grass green felt with buttons

kraplap- Sun Wheel Brooch

theblackapple-Button Collector Print

polarity-Purple Haze Recycled Magnetic Locket

littlebitfunky-Whimsy Button Flower Bouquet

ButtonBagsRus- All My Loving

AirportRoad-Assemblage Art Magnet Set

butterflymosaics-Whimsical Buttons Bouquet Bright and Colorful Flowers set


  1. I am a button-addict,
    have lots of them, should try to create something with them, one day,...
    Gorgeous pics, Star!

  2. Fab finds Star!! I adore the trend of button 'bouquets', they always look so jolly!

  3. thanks Star ! I love all of them (surprised?); especially those flower bouquets. I also make them for the markets here; it always attracts people to your stand.

  4. I love your work, but I always forget to check your blog regularly for all of the neat stories and findings you post. I thought that, being a Livejournal user, there might be a way to integrate your blog with the site: I was right!

    This is your syndicated Livejournal site. Basically, the site updates with your site's content, so I can see it on my "friends list." It also allows other Livejournal users to "add your blog" and leave comments via Livejournal or your site.

    I hope you don't mind that I did this. If you do, just let me know and I'll take the syndication down. Otherwise, I'd like to tell my friends on Livejournal about you, and hopefully get some more people to check out your blog and Etsy!

  5. Hi Jen,
    No we don't mind, thank you :)
    Esther & Estella

  6. Superb buttons!

  7. so many cute buttons :) Great finds, Star!

  8. Amazing! All the things one can do with buttons!

  9. We have a button lady down the street from where I live. She has been a collector for 40 years. She evern speaks at button conventions. I didn't know that such things existed until she told me. And she judges competitions too! Buttons. Imagine that. What a great post. I really love the colors in your last picture.
    Cookie Sunshine

  10. As a button-lover I can only LOVE your finds! Can't have too many... *gg*