Thursday 26 June 2008

Other sights of Izmir

You might remember our last blogpost about Izmir. We where running out of some important supply again so another trip had to be made. Woke up at 6 a.m. and hit the road to manage everything on time. As we already showed you some beautiful views the last time, this time some other sights.

During the road a truck in front of us was going very slow, but when we got closer, it was quite normal considering it's luggage of 6 cows!

With one of them I became friends and she gave me a warm look with her lovely cow eyes...

And since the last time the supply shop pictures got alot of attention, I decided to show you the better work, here is the bigger supply shop of izmir, yummmm.
If you are worried that you have enemies or 'bad eyes' on you, this is the place to go.

Although the shop is HUGE, it is so full that even the ceilings are full with handmade beads...

All the colors and structure are such a great inspiration.

Yummmm, yummm.

My mum is usually quite a slow walker, but look at her here between the goodies, she is so fast that I couldn't get her in focus!

We bought many many supplies, also sterling silver (sterling earrings coming up soon!), new package boxes and we went to IKEA for a big wardrope to put all the items in that we emptied from the room that became our workplace.


  1. It looks like a candy shop indeed! I have just now started to love this kind of places, before I just ignored them. I didn't understand their possibilities and value ;)

  2. This store is really a dream... I would like to have one like it here!!!.... I envy you!!! sigh sigh!!!

  3. WOW!! This looks like heaven. Lovely pictures of the cows :)

  4. Your friend looks cute ;)
    Glad, I don't have the shop near me :P

  5. *wipes computer clean*
    Oh heavenly!
    And pretty cows too....

  6. What a supplies shop!!!!
    Izmir is so far...
    maybe combine it with a visit
    to turkey!

  7. oh wow.... O.o I would never leave that place! I would want to buy everything...

  8. Hello
    In august we are travelling to Istanbul Izmir and Bursa. Can you give me some adresses of such heavenly shops
    Happy birthday !