Friday 26 December 2008

Friday Findings: Let's make things better...

The other day we heard the very sad news that one of our StreetTeam friend, Claudia aka MundoGominola past away, a young talented artist who we didn't knew personally but somehow touched us all at the Europeanstreetteam with her gorgeous warm art. There has been a sadness at our forum where we usually laugh, many of us never have seen her face but she is in our minds...

This sad news reminds everyone once again that there might be no tomorrow, we can lose someone close, and be sorry for the things we 'never' had the time for. New year is almost here, maybe this is the time to think of the the things we can do to make the world a better place to live in it in a better way, before we regret the things we didn't do, before it is too late...

Like telling the ones we love, 'I love you' more than ever...

By not forgetting the ones we lost, and give them a safe place in your heart...

To live in peace, no fights, no anger, no hate...

To cry when we need to, so that our humanity not dies...

To quit smoking, eating healthier watch out for ourselves and others around us...

To hug, kiss and love whenever and who ever you can, you can never have enough...

To recycle, upcycle whatever you can and not waste food that others need so much...

By thinking more about our water and energy before it is all gone...

By spending money not only for ourselves but also for others and good causes...


There are many things we can think about and need to change, before it is to late...
One of the last words Claudia said was: " no quiero estar aqui cuando se acaben las risas.." meaning ''I don't want to be here if there won't be laughter''
So let's laugh and wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!


  1. Beautiful post! I feel the same at the moment....

  2. beautiful Post Star - I cannot believe that Claudia (mundo) is gone - I did not know her except for a few convos, but she was such a part of my Etsy world :(
    Take nothing for granted and, yes, lets pledge to make things better ....

  3. truly wonderful post Star. Thank you for making this ...

    beautiful hugs to everyone

  4. Thank you for your lovely post, Star! Exactly that quote of Claudia made me start to get "alive" again.

    I'm wishing you all a new year filled with love, health, luck, happiness, peace and contentedness.

  5. Good reminder of love and that we can make things better if we want!
    Wishing for all of us good and peaceful new year!

  6. Yes it can not be repeated enough, life is to be lived. Not to be postponed..
    I shall miss new wonderful illustrations from her but am glad to know of her.

  7. Great thoughts!


  8. Thank you for this reminder, Star! It's unfortunate though that it always takes a sad event to remember of these important things... Let's try and make it a habit!

  9. Thanks for this beautiful blogpost Star !

  10. Thank you to Sigmosaics for letting me know one of my buttons appeared in this blog.

    And thanks so much to the blog writer, Star, for including me. I added your blog to my links of Etsy Bloggers.

    It is truly a wonderful blog post. I read all of it.

    Kerri, I posted something for you on my blog.

  11. A good resolution to start the New Year, live your life and enjoy the moment! I didn't know Claudia, I admired her work, and am saddened by her loss.

  12. We should always remember that each of our days might be our last one here.And live following this thought!
    Rest in peace Claudia,and thank you star for this beautiful post.

  13. It is so sad that many of us need to be reminded that we should show more love to the persons we care about. And that it many time is sad and bad things that remind us of this.
    I Loved Claudias work and even if I know she was sick it is a shock and she will be missed.

    Hugs and happy new year wishes!

  14. Beautiful post, Star! Claudia will be missed but she left wonderful art behind for us to remember her vividly.
    Thanks for adding my card to your post.

  15. Beautiful post Estella, and thank you for reminding us the really important things about life.

  16. Really lovely post. Thank you.

  17. Wonderful, wonderful post! Thank you for reminding me of what really matters :)

    I wish you all good things for this coming year Estella!


  18. Lovely thoughts for everyone. Thanks for the poignant memorial.