Monday 15 December 2008

The solving…or the problem

Many of you will probably know this little story:

A long suffering housefather consults his rabbi with his problem. Rabbi, he says, I am at the end of my tether, we live in a very tiny flat, my wife and I, our two children AND my mother-in-law. I am desperate, he says…
The rabbi knows what to do: Buy a goat, he says.
The man, trusting his rabbi’s wisdom, brings a goat to his house.
The next Shabbat the rabbi asks the man how it goes. Rabbi, the man says, we are all going crazy, the goat eats the furniture, let her droppings on the floor and blats all night. I am at a loss what to do, he says.
The rabbi knows the solution: Get rid of the goat, he says.
The next Shabbat the rabbi informs to the wellbeing of the man. Rabbi, he says, we are all so happy, it was such a relief to get rid of the goat…


What has all this to do with us, you will think… well, we have a problem. As you can imagine, living in a house with fifteen dogs is not an easy matter. Manual labor is cheap in Turkey, so regularly we are tempted to try and find a cleaning lady. This is also not easy, with all the dogs, but once in a while we succeed in finding one. And then… sloppy work, tardiness and big mouths are only some of the problems. Till, to our immense relief, the woman leaves or we let her go.


The cleaning ladies are, nevertheless, a big source of joy. We are thrilled when we find them and delighted when we loose them.
I know, I know, it is a luxurious problem, but…


  1. I know this story too! We have a lovley vintage children's book with the tale. My mother read it to me and now I read it to my children. I didn't know you had so many dogs! Wow!
    ~Emily xx

  2. A very fun and all too true story :0D

  3. HA, HA, HA!!!!!!


  4. i havent heard that one before ...its funny!!!

  5. I love everything about your blog and the items you have for sale. Love the story today and the fact you live in Turkey a country I would love to visit. Your photography is great. Thank you...

  6. Ohh, I LOVED THIS story so much!

  7. OMG star, sounds like me!!!!

  8. I didn't know this story - it's great! :)

  9. Hahahaha, great story! It's funny because it's true.