Wednesday 28 January 2009

Stormy Weather

Winters are mild and stormy in South-West Turkey. Last weekend we had a seriously strong wind. Fortunately the roof didn't flew off, but a tree in the back yard broke in two and another in the front got partially uprooted, leaning precariously against the wall.

It is so sad to let go of a full grown, healthy tree, but this one had become a hazzard and had to be chopped off.

We hired three forest workers to do the job, that requires expertise in the matter.

It was scary to see, the big power saw in a hand, perched in the swaying tree and all the time a fag in the corner of the mouth, macho style.

First the branches were sawed off, to reduce the weight.

Two guys hold on to the rope that has to prevent the tree from falling on the neighbour's house.

And here it goes! Just where it's supposed to go.

The worst part over, a second chunk of the tree will be chopped.

And than it started to pour... as the weather didn't help it took them 3 hours to finish the job.

And by the time the sun returned, there was nothing left of the tree...


  1. Oh, that looks scary indeed, both; the storm and the tree cutting :)
    Luckily nothing more did not happend!

  2. Sad for the three, indeed. But still - happy that it did not crash on the house.

  3. wow that one is so bad be careful please

  4. Oh my... this is really a huge piece to get rid of.
    Storms can cause catastrophe. Please do be careful. :)

    I always sleep through the storms.

  5. Oh, this is so awful and sad for the tree...we lost 2 trees this autumn in storm and luckily they ruined only the roof of small hovel not the house.

  6. poor tree, but it is part of the cycle of life..
    A good storm is fun though :0D

  7. we has almost a similar thing last year here; they had to take the tree away. I am quite happy now because every time it stormed I was afraid that that tree would fall upon our house and in my imagination this would happen whenn hubby was travelling of course... But now, when it storms (and it does that often at the coast), I am quite relieved it's not there anymore.

  8. We just had a storm as well (I suppose is the same one moving forward)and now almost every street has some fallen sad..

  9. Thank goodness it was just the tree, although it's hard to lose a tree. I feel your pain Star, I had a tree in my house 10 years or so ago!

  10. OMG, indeed scary, we have old trees in our garden that have to be topped too, mmm,I'll stay out of the way I think :-))

  11. Looks a bit scary...lucky no one was hurt during the storm...that three could have seriously hurt someone!
    Those storms really make you remember how small and insignificant we are compared to the forces of nature.

  12. Woww!! Storm is always amazing - the power of the nature is. Glad, nobody was harmed.

  13. I sooo know what you are going thru in that weather, we have had some really bad storms here now every winter for about 3 years, everything is still not fixed after the first one, it is so sad to see how much damage the weather can do...but in the same time I believe this is the natures way to tell us to stop doing so much damage.....