Friday 10 April 2009

Little Sister: Curiosity

(1. jacquelynlee, 2. ArtMind, 3. our shop, 4. Champignons )

Curiosity is where it all began, to find out little things about others is a daily activity for many. Don't we all look in a window when there are no curtains while passing by? Don't we all wonder what that sound was behind that door? My curiosity started the Little Sister series (instead of Big Brother), this week I haven't contacted anyone, instead I hope that EVERYONE who reads this post is willing to show a picture of themselves, and I will post it here in this blogpost. I would love to meet you all, don't wait, show! :)

And here are the brave ones:

Stéphanie aka PetitPlat, who makes amazing miniatures:

Inger of IngerMaaike, the awesome felt artist:

Swee aka Swiedebie, makes the cutest sock monsters:

Krisztina of Carmenesque, makes the most amazing jewelry of seedbeads:

Meltem of Meltemsem (at the left), makes beautiful sterling silver jewelry:

Ira of IraGrant makes gorgeous bags:

The girls of Vaisto, Hanni and Koshka, they make amazing clothes:

Anniki aka AnnleeDesigns, prof knitter:

Petronella aka Kraplap makes amazing button creations:

Jane of JaneBoFelt, another wonderful felt artist:

Milka aka MQuin makes gorgeous fashion clothes:

Greet of Fleurfatale makes beautiful jewelry with all kind of material:

This is Susy of AegeanSea and EuropeanFlingVintage who sells scrapbooking material and photography:

Judit of Vadjutka makes beautiful jewelry:

Maria aka LeelaBijou makes shiny jewelry of Swarovski:

Mela aka lazyfish is a great photographer:

Renate aka Kreativlink (on the right) the person behind the gorgeous journals:

Alena of AleAle makes beautiful jewelry with lampwork beads:

Mitsy aka ArtMind with her beautiful feelings:

Kerrin of SigMosaics makes beautiful mosaics:

Bianca aka Bndesign makes super cute jewelry:

This is Laura of BlueTerracotta she makes gorgeous mosaics:

Jurgita of Jurgitahandmade makes beautiful jewelry:

This is Dawn of LaTouchables, she makes amazing bags:

Elisa aka peskycatdesigns another great bag maker:

Elizabeth aka AgapeBridal makes beautiful wedding adornments:

And this is Nicole of Babongo she make lovely bags and jewelry:

This is Eve from creationsbyeve, who makes gorgeous felted bags, jewelry, sandals and shawls:

Sabine of La Marquise des Anges makes all kind of wonderful textile products:

Carita aka JealousyDesign makes gorgeous sterling silver jewelry:

Rita aka Alatvian in her beautiful garden:


  1. Plenty of pictures of me to be found on the net, pick any you like :-)
    I am not secretive in the least :-D

  2. There's a picture of me here:

    And on most of my jewelry pieces, as I "model for them" :D :D

    K, we will get you!!

  3. *LOL* That's a fun post, Estella!

  4. Here I'm

    Anyone can look at me:)

  5. see me here Star:)

  6. hey Star here we are, last summer selling at a festival:)

  7. I have made a note to send a photo star .. i'll have to redo one as my laptop is in at the pc doctor .. :(

    GORGEOUS bunch of gals thus far!

  8. great idea Star !!

    There's a picture of me and Peggy here:

  9. We all look so fabulous together :)

  10. I have nothing to hide.
    I posted the photo of myself to my blog yesterday

  11. Estella our names are Hanni and Koshka, if you want to add


  12. Funny post, nice to see all of you here). this is me -

  13. So fun to see faces from our great EST team! Great idea Estella!

    Happy Easter!


  14. It's so wonderful to meet these wonderful artist, by pics! Such fun...I'll send 1, too!

  15. Very nice photos, fun to see the persons behind the shops... show my face.. nope!

  16. Oh, fabulous post! Love seeing all my wonderful friends! (very shy myself...)

  17. nice to see everyone! I have a pic of my usual self, when I'm working...**rubbing hands together** now I'm waiting for K :)

  18. This is real fun!!

  19. They are all fabulous, so great to "meet" them!

  20. You can pick pics of myself here:

    And here:

    Pick any you like :O)

    This is so fun!I love to "meet" my EST fellas ^^

  21. I love seeing the face behind the name! Hmmm, you can see me in my shop, but here I am in '84!

  22. LOL, what a great idea for the post!

    I´m a really shy person but... oh´s mine:

    Jeez...I feel so embarassed now...

  23. Hehe, super post, Star! You can take one of the pictures in this listing from me if you like. I haven't changed much, just need a haircut to look the same! :)

  24. yay K! where were you there?
    I LOVE to see you here:))))

  25. This is such a wonderful idea for a post! I will have to find you a photo and send it to you. :)

  26. Thanks for putting me up! My eyes look so puffy from lack of sleep! LOL!

  27. Fun to see all the artists! Great post.

  28. It's such a great idea Estella!Here is a pic of mine :)

  29. how wonderful .. I really appreciate seeing who is behind those talented ladies ... I love that post and had SO MUCH fun scrolling at it :)

  30. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this! Amazing to see alll the faces behind the artists!

    Gorgeous faces here! Kerrin is gorgeous!


  31. Thank you so much for putting my pic here, too. Good luck in everything you do! Best regards to your mom!