Monday 6 April 2009

A walk in the country

On sunday we went to have breakfast at our favorite spot by the pond, and then walked a few kilometers back to the main road.

It is spring. By the lemon trees you can see the beginning of the blossoms together with the remnants of last years fruit.

This village is a mere 15 km or so from Marmaris, but still has all rural charms, like overcrossing cattle.

Isn't it idyllic?

The bee hives are getting a paint job for the coming season.

Wild flower and pine honey is a source of income to many.

We are totally ignorant when it comes to identify fruit trees by their blossoms. Almonds, maybe?

This is just the parcel for us, and it is for sale. Alas the price for living in paradise is far out our reach.

It is weird, but despite the healthy air and plentiful food, people still die here. They lie to rest in great style, though.

The poplars are still in winter sleep.

Those are some happy chicks!

And happy cows too!

Who wouldn't want to live here?

The turism is creeping here too, of course, but paintball??

And a pretty little mosque...

Hope you enjoyed our walk, just like we did.


  1. You live in paradise!!!
    For me , these kinds of pics are synonymous of holidays abroad...
    It must be great to live in such a neighbourhood... inspiration is everywhere, it seems.

  2. So wonderful a walk! Fun to see how rural areas have so much the same atmosphere, much colder here of course, but the quietness and calmness so alike. Thanks very much for the tour!

  3. Thanks for this nice walk!
    I simply love Turkey: it is not only beautiful but quite funny for me :-)

  4. You live in the most beautiful place on earth! I didn't want the photos to end. When I take a vacation I hope to visit places that look like this. I can not imagine how wonderful it must be to live in such a peaceful and beautiful place. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  5. ah so lovely, just my kind of place!

  6. Oh, my this is a lovely walk! And I have turned green with envy of all that greenery and blossoming! My you are a month or two ahead of us! I have certainly had enough of winter! Thank you for the breath of spring and sunshine!

  7. It looks heavenly ! In one of the pictures I see huge cacti ???

  8. Isn't it great how soothing is nature? Unfortunately those big and gray cities are sometimes making people forget about it..

  9. It's wonderful where you live! Love all the pictures!

  10. Wow, Estella, the walk is beautiful!!! I need a break and seeing your post makes me so relaxed. I love it!

  11. When I saw the photos I thought I know this place .Than I read You took this photo in marmaris I feel Happy .This town looks like my town :) And I remember my town and fell so hapy :)Thank you for all this feelings..

    Are you living marmaris or just a holiday?

  12. I always enjoy walking with you! :)

  13. Thanks for the great walk...but can we please avoid the beehives next time..yes I know no bees there now but still...

    Love the photos!

  14. This is paradise, and thank you for sharing it with us! It put me in a great mood, already!

  15. I am so in love with Turkey, it's so quaint and beautiful. Chickens, cows, bees, paintball, you have it all Star! Thanks for sharing your walk!

  16. thanks for sharing such amazing pictures !!!
    you made my "soul traveled" ... thnak you so much

  17. wow! I loved taking that walk Star! You live in a wonderful place.

  18. Wow I'm in love, beautiful place!