Saturday 13 June 2009

Little Sister: Best Pictures

We went to the beach yesterday, with the thought that we can allow ourselves to go someplaces beside on sundays, beeing our own boss. Of course pleasure was not the only reason, we were busy with finding sea urchins and other treasures too. On the way back we came across some wild donkey's, in the middle of the road. Untill mum could take out the camera they where already a little further away, but isn't this amazing?
I would love to see a picture you took, during your vacation or a road trip, only thing is, it has to be something special. Send me your picture and story behind the picture through Etsy's conversations or email!

Vadjutka: ''On the picture you see the very-very highlight of my Turkey trip: volcano Erciyes (hight 3700 m). It is very special for me, because that was the very first high mountain I ever climbed up. I am a very urban girl, and in Hungary the highest mountain is 1000 m high (but I have never been there before my trip to Turkey). So I wasn't a trekking person at all, and it was EXTREMLY hard for me to go up there, but I could do it. After that I changed my idea of what we call „hard” and „difficult”. It was a trip that really changed something. (More volcano and Turkey pics here).

IngerMaaike: ''Not one specific image I can choose, but an overview of the trip we made through the mountain region to the west of where we live. Rugged, empty, and unimaginable colors!'':

Babongo: ''This picture is taken in Luang Prabang, Laos. The whole trip to Laos was special, because we met so many lovely, warm people, which is why I love to travel, because of the people you meet, so different in many ways yet so much the same in what they want from life. One of the highlights of this trip was learning how to weave traditionally. I loved it so much. The silk is dyed by hand, the dyes are made from plants and bark straight from the forest. ''

MKaae: ''The pictures were taken in Nara...a historical city not fra from Kyoto. We just stumpled upon this scene where a genuine geisha says goodbye to her "customer". Luckily we had our camera ready! It is very rare you get to see the geishas and if you are a man and want to meet with one it is extremely expensive.''

ArtMind: ''It's not easy for me to choose a favorite picture as I have way too many of them! This is one of them, although I'm afraid of snails, I love this picture. They are beautiful animals, I only get itchy when I see the slimy trail they leave behind. :)''

SwiedeBie: ''It is taken in Ko Phi Phi Island, Thailand. My husband and I were on holiday, and there, I took interest in this particular shop that did Bamboo tattoos. What is the meaning? The name derives from the tool they use - Bamboo, for tattoo-ing. Some prisoners in Thailand use the bamboo (with seperate sharp pen like tip with a little hole that lets the ink runs through) and pigment inks to design and draw tattoos onto their fellow inmates, as the tattoo technical tools are banned in prisons. The artist who did the tattoo on my shoulder blade is a convict. It is not as painful as the usual machinery tattoo pen. He uses a technique called the prick and poke dot technique. Amazing with how meticulous and neat job he did.''

Kreativlink: ''The 400 years old olive tree we've visited in Cyprus. It may not be the oldest, nor the biggest olive tree that there is. But for me it's a very special one because after all the trees I've hugged already, there finally was one that hugged me :)''

Kraplap: ''Last year I made a trip with hubby and my dad to Friesland to see the places from my youth there. At the end of the trip we visited the graveyard where my Friesian grandparents are buried, because my dad keeps it clean twice a year. It was such a lovely peaceful quiet place with all these old graves and the old church, standing a little higher. Standing there I felt somehow my "Friesian" roots, more than in all the places from my youth we visited that day. They had changed too much or were very different as I remembered them. But this quiet place was there today just like it was 50 years ago. I loved it !''

Birribe: ''I have many lovely travel photos and memories. I found this solitude little house in Cambodja. We very visiting the floating village outside Siem reap. It´s a whole village built on pillars in the lake. This building was such a contrast to the other crowded parts. They told it´s a retreat for monks. It´s exciting thinking spending a time there just meditate.''

Jealousydesign: ''I could choose a photo from any of my vacations both from other countries and from here in Sweden but the place that is most special to me is where I live. Since we moved here this place is the most special for me. Have never felt so “home” anywhere before and I can never get tired of the nature around me…''


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