Saturday 20 June 2009

Little Sister: Dreams

We all have some things in our favorites, that we know we won't ever be able to buy, but would love to have. Unfortunatly we won't be able to buy it before the magical lottery ticket arrives...
Mine is this gorgeous bed of attiladesign.
Send me the link of your dream Etsy item and I'll post them here, looking forward to see what you would looove to have!

BinkaMinka's dream item would be this chandelier of ChandiDesign, including the horse :) Would look great with my bed, don't you think?

DeerLola's favorite is this Circles Table by michaelarras:

This Map covered decoupage chair by Bombus is Babongo's favorite:

Vadjutka couldn't choose only one dream favorite, first this table of madteapartyfurniture: 'Would be perfect in my future bigger flat's hall'

And the second one is this Custom Bomb Blossom Corset Dress of rubypearl:

IngerMaaike would love to have this original art work of rdirenna:

PlainBananas is in love with this vintage dress from the shop of TimelessVixenVintage:

Kraplap: ''This mask, of Zmudjak, is to die for'':

LeelaBijou: ''A thing I´d love to own if I had the money is this gorgeous Silk Organza Couture Wedding Gown of NicolasDesigns '':

PeskyCatDesigns: ''I would like to own every skirt by Aliaison! If I hit lotto the first one I would buy is the one'':

Kreativlink: ''It's not even that expensive but .. I first need the spacious house by the sea, with furniture that fits :D''-White Matte Bottle Collection by sarapaloma

Psarokokalo loves this Big Boss lamp:

BlueTerracotta loves everything from dolangeiman but this one is her favorite:

IraGrant's favorite is this Honeycomb dress by emilyryan:

Alatvian: ''If I would have enough money to buy everything I wish I would buy many many supplies for new creations, f. e., torch, kiln and other supplies and tutorials to make lampwork beads like these by SFDglassbeads.'':


  1. I would choose this one completed with the horse!

  2. you mean the horse would look good w the bed? hehehehe :-)

  3. If I had that bed Estella, it would never look as good as it does in the picture. I can imagine myself hanging necklaces, hats, shawls and all sorts of accessories...

    It would be come a dream clutter!

  4. If I could have anything at all, then this would be it. Not the print byt the original artwork

  5. This is so much fun Star!

    I bought a black and white skirt from Aliaison shop on Etsy a while back that I absolutely love. It was a BIG splurge for me. I would like to own every skirt by this company!
    If I hit lotto the first one I would buy is the one posted below.

  6. What fabulous choices!!! I used to be in the art department in special events. You could make those trees on the bed with foam core & cut out with an exacto knife as well as wood if you can use a small electric saw. Also you could paint the scene on the back wall by painting or using realistic Home Depot or Hobby Lobby vines. With your jewelry skills you could do it!!! You could make it just as beautiful and spray paint it or by brush. Also with the decorated small table and chair you could go to a yard sale and find a table and/or chair and paint it! Maybe find a chandelier at a garage sale and add you special jewelry skills to adorn it to your liking!!! The horse is to die for! He would be expensive to care for, but if you vision having a horse, you could have it one day... one never knows!!! I love the tin mask. You could by a full face plastic mask at Hobby Lobby and build on it with foam core or card board and paper mache it! I LOVE the romantic wedding dress so much! I sew. as well hand sew, so I would probably buy a used wedding dress at any salvation army, etc. and add on the frills, but of course it would be my version as this one is so detailed!!! The table and chair that are painted, you could find a chair and a table and paint it to your liking!!! Make a sketch and transfer it on and then paint it or do it by free hand. As for the spring dress, you could also do your own version by buying a 2nd hand shop and rearrange it! I've done things like that my whole life. Since I can't afford it, there are ways to make replicas in a cheaper way!
    Love all your choices. You have great taste!!! The bed caught my eyes as I follow you, and remember making something like it for theater. It's amazing what you can make from an idea! Thanks for all the eye candy!!!!

  7. Wow, these are such wonderful finds! Everyone is so tasteful...
    ~Emily xx

  8. What gorgeous finds! I'm off to look into a few of those in more detail.

  9. I love the horse with the chandelier. Did you know that most milking cows have potted flowers in their barns here? They need to be kept happy as well. :)

  10. Thanks for the tips, Linda :)
    The bed is my fav all the other pretties are fav's of other's :)
    Nicole, that is funny!

  11. Clothes is the winner isn't it? Girls!:) And here another one, I love it because so original and not just because ehm seller think hers is original:) and I know lots of work to make this and if I have one I will use it as a ready to wear clothes so worth every penny I invest on it!

  12. great dreams and lot of seductive items.. I have been in love with White Matte Bottle Collection for a while now :)

  13. I love this post! It´s great to see what everyone desires, hehe.
    Thanks for including the dress of my dreams! :P

  14. Ohh, I have been thinking about this one but I can't choose! There is so much cool stuff out there! :)