Wednesday 8 July 2009

Yummy Packages

About 10 days ago we started this swap fun, yesterday just in time for my birthday we recieved the first bunch of packages! These are the first 6 packages, we have sent 24 packages so alot to look forward to :D

This amazing gorgeous flower all the way from Norway is from Inger Maaike's package. I always love her creations, but it is impossible to show or describe how soft and gorgeous detailed this flower actually is! Thank you so much Inger! Inger has a fantastic blog, scarves and other felt creations shop and a wonderful felt toy shop!

Birribe has sent us a piece of Swedish Forest to us, a handmade decorative moss bristle. The moss is so beautiful it looks like peacock feathers! It already found a perfect spot in our home, thank you so much, Britta! Britta has an amazing shop where you can find more moss bristles, silk scarves, beautiful jewelry and much more!

I fell in love with the amazing bookspacer SteinSchmuckDesign sent us! Besides that she also gave us a beautiful clock wall hanging and a very sweet card with birthday wishes. Thank you so much Michele, Harry Potter looks even more magical now!! SteinSchmuckDesign has a gorgeous luxurious jewelry shop!

DutchCraftWork sent us a beautiful Gooddodoll, red for passion and love she says. It has a manual which I will study to get some good Zen out of my Doll! Thank you so much Tine! Tine has her DutchCraftWork shop where you can purchase your own Gooddodoll and beautiful sketchbooks, she also has BlueImageDesign where she sells Collage sheets for your own creative work and she has a gorgeous blog.

VadJutka has sent us a beautiful green silk scarf, a cute notebook and a yummy soap, the package had a lovely smell on it's arrival! They will all have a great use and arrived acompanied with a vintage card of Budapest and a sweet note, thank you so much Judit! Judit makes gorgeous fabric jewelry and also fused glass jewelry which you can find in her shop. She also has a fabulous blog with great pictures and stories!

Alatvian has sent us lovely seafinds from Latvia, with a beautiful handmade clay rose! Great pieces to put with our seafinds from Turkey! Thank you so much, Rita!
Rita has a beautiful shop where you can purchase your own clay roses and beautiful jewelry! She also has a lovely blog full with flowers and creativity!

Thank you so much girls, it was a great birthday with all your packages!!


  1. I am so glad you like them!
    And you got really nice suprises! The green scarf rocks on your head!

    Your pack arrived as well, I am going to pivk it up at PO today.

  2. oooops..I just noticed that the green scarf is the one I sent from the other side :-) (I thought it is another gift from someone :-)

    hahaha, silly me :-)

  3. I'm so happy you like it! Do you know that the brown one is a piece of untreated amber?

  4. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful birthday you had! Everything is so beautiful!

  5. Oh wow! So much gorgeous stuff! I need to make a group swap as well :D

  6. Oh you look so pretty with the funky blue flower. Fantastic birthday gifts, superb idea!

    I received your wonderful urchins today, very happy I am!

  7. Estella: you are a perfect model!

  8. What a bunch of new goodies!

  9. Very beautiful things! And you looks great with this cobalt blue flower in the hairs!

  10. Your swaps look lovely, and so do you!

  11. I am so happy the parcel arrived to you and that it is a part of your home now.
    Great to see all other parcels.

  12. wow Estella wonderful all those swaps !!! you look really beautiful in the flower and scarf !!!

    hope you had a brilliant birthday!!!

  13. happy belated birthday to you!! i am so happy to discover that you have a blog, and such a beautifully interesting place it is too! i love your inspiration & your work & hope you dont mind that i gave you a mention on my faerietale of inspiration blog this week. * ruthie*

  14. wowww...nice to hearing that you received it with no damage:-)...I know that you have many cats & I wanted to send that to you:-)


  15. I am also so glad you like the Bookmark and the wall watch.
    It was difficult to send a present to someone I do not really no...:)
    And I thank you so much for your giving Words!