Monday 13 July 2009

Monday Blues

Only Etsy addicts will understand today's post. This morning I woke up with Etsy down for maintance as if monday blues are not enough! The plus side was that I actually could clean up some mess during the Etsyless time. And when finally Etsy was back I discovered that my Blue Treasury is on FP, yaay! After all a good start for a monday...

Talking about Etsy, we have reached 3000 conversations, just wondering are we very chatty or is this a normal number? Let me know how many convo's you have, love to find that out!

And to make our monday even brighter, we are featured in the online magazine VivalaModa, page 59!


  1. WOW. Congrats on these amazing features! Very well-deserved!

  2. Thanks for a great FP, happy to being featured there:) Oh gosh, you girls are chatty, I try to remove old convos as that's the only way to keep them organized!

  3. Congrats on the FP!!! O_O 3000 convos? Oh my! ^_^

  4. I saw the FP, congrats :)

    3000 convos? that must be some sort of record or something!


  5. ooh, the magazine is out? rushung to check it!

    I have 1054 convos since feb 2008.

  6. Congrats with featuring and FP!

  7. Congrats on your beautiful front page! Also congrats on your magazine feature. Wow, 3000 convos! That means you are very popular. I've got 499 sweet messages. :)

  8. Hi from Paris again :)))
    Congrats and thanks for a great FP ...
    And thanks for lovely and stunning treasury ...
    3000 convos wowww really great !
    Congrats on your magazine feature.
    I missed Turkey but this year we cant come, maybe next year we can meet ...