Tuesday 25 August 2009

Flickr Favorites and Swap Packages

1. Baby Scops Owl, 2. Mr and Mrs Nature Owl, 3. Owls well, that ends well...., 4. Masked Owl

Owls have always fascinated me, their amazing faces and looks. And the fact that they can turn their head 135 degrees in either direction; they can thus look behind their own shoulders, with a total 270 degree field of view.

Hop over to ArtMind's blog to see more mosaics or to play along!

My inspiration of this week's mosaic came from the owl Psarokokalo sent us for the swap. If you fell in love with mine you can get your own in her shop. Maria also makes jewelry and naked men, mostly made of recycled material. Thank you Maria, this sweetie stole my heart :)

ViltalaKim sent us a wet felted heart, perfect to adorn a cupboard and such.
She makes beautiful felted scarves and other things.
Thank you very much Kim!

JealousyDesign has sent us gift tags, handmade and carved out of wood, perfect for special gifts. She makes gorgeous sterling silver jewelry with natural materials.
Thank you so much, Carita!

Gypseharte has sent us a wall adornment, with a heart and a star, representing our shopnames together, sweet! Joyce makes adorable felted and fimo made creatures.
Thank you so much Joyce!

Stoic has sent us a lovely pouch, thank you so much!
Tia has a shop full with scrabble tile pendants, great for presents!


  1. Beautiful things! Love the pics of the owls!

  2. I love owls! And n4 is laughing! How sweet!All the rest is also beautiful!

  3. Wow! Even more cool presents! :)
    I finally need to make an owl journal... yes!

  4. I find owls impressive too! Lovely idea for a mosaic!
    And so nice to see more goodies you got! Super! :)

  5. I love owls too, such amazing creatures!

    The swap idea was such a fabulous one!

  6. Lovely owl mosaic; and great swaps again !

  7. How lovely mosaic! And so many pretty goodies you got there ^_^

  8. Hello Estella
    I am Barbara, and I love your blog and your jewellery.
    You make amazing pictures and also you have great ideas for your posts,... so I always read you for inspirtions. I am fascinated of how you and your mum ended up living in Turkey! It must be very inspiring.
    I wanted to ask you something: how do you partecipate/find out about these swap things??
    I would like to take part sometimes...
    Thanks for answer and big hugs

  9. Love owls too! great pics!
    Look at all those gifts!

  10. Thanks for your kind words, Barbara. We have ended the swap, but are thinking about doing one again in the future, stay tuned :)

  11. Cute mosaic!

    And it is fantastic, that you still get the swap packagaes - it is a summer-long surprise for you :-)

  12. Aaaw lovely packages!! And that owl is really adorable :)

  13. HI Estella, I just noticed this post.... Sorry. I know why I haven't read your post before, while I was away these days in august . But nevertheless: Thank you for showing my swapitem for you! I hope you will have a good spot/ purpose for it!
    Your urchins are still waiting to be used in a very special piece of .... Don't know what jet, hihihi