Saturday 16 October 2010

My Friday Night Outfit- On Saturday :)

Sea Urchin Collection- Special Gothic Earrings by staroftheeast
Vintage shoes black cow and crocodile leather boots by thepuddingstorevint
Longsleeved dress with Vneck by ThongbaiTatong
Victoriana Medium Lili Clutch by BagatellesandCo

Yesterday I was so busy with my table cloth (see previous post) that I totally forgot my friday night outfit :)
I guess I'll go out on Saturday this week, with a slightly Halloween-Gothic outfit, in an elegant way.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. o my stars I am loving those boots !!!!!!!! must not look must not look!!!! need film and photo supplies not boots

  2. ...dressed up like that, you must cut a very gorgeous figure, Estella! I love all your choices...must not look either, as I need supplies!

  3. This is a super cool outfit, Estella. Would love to see someone wearing my dress with the boots, bags earrings. Thanks so much for the feature.

  4. I love this selection, stylish!

  5. those earrings are really fun :) and I'm not saying it just because you did them :P

    I like the dress as well, it looks a bit like a painting.

  6. You really know how to dress for a night out!!