Thursday 28 April 2011

Our Creative Space...

As I mentioned yesterday we are stuck inside without internet or anything else to do. Luckely we both have our books and a creative project with us.

So although we are not at home we are still having a creative space.

I am going to finish an unfinished vintage embroidered table cloth. We also have a huge bunch of vintage embroidery thread which I needed to sort out to actually find and use anything, perfect job for the coming days.

Mum is making progress in her knitting, after some trial and errors she is now getting the hang of this algebra pattern.

See more creative spaces at Kootoyoo's.


  1. I so want to visit you both ... such an inspiration ...!

  2. Lovely to see you have a creative space while traveling! But I wouldn't want to be in your shoes untangling that mess.... Good luck with that!

  3. A very inspirational creative mess! Some very beautiful work going on there too.

  4. I love that bunch of colorful embroidery threads !!!

  5. I am curious - will you post about how you learnt to embroider?

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