Friday 15 July 2011

Boiled Brains

We did know that it was thursday yesterday, but because of the heat we totally forgot Our Creative Space, sorry for that but we are blaming the heat and boiled brains :)
The heat didn't stop us creating though and to make up with you we wanted to show you our two newest bags, freshly made and soon available in our bagshop.
The first is made for this week's challenge of the EuropeanStreetTeam with the theme Circus.
The second is a super cute pouch all made with vintage and recycled materials.

P.S.  Estella's title for this post is by the way also the name of a turkish very popular soup, 'kelle paça', which main ingredient is exactly that, boiled brains, of the sheep, in that case.
It is usually consumed in the night or early morning, specially after a heavy drinking and it is supposed to help prevent a hangover. I don't know why. Maybe it makes you puke??
If you insist, I can give you the recipe.


  1. love them ! the circus bag is fab !!

  2. They both are fab!
    Love the pouch!

  3. Great challenge piece and that pouch is so delicious, I love the way you photographed both of them!

  4. These bags look fab!!!!!
    Wish you some cooling breeze, girls! :)
    hmmm... no, thanks, I don't think I want that recipe :/

  5. ÅH! I love the last one!!!

  6. Love the circus bag! But no thanks to the recipe, LOL!!!!! Erika

  7. I can relate to the boiled brain syndrome. LOL! It definitely did not stop you for making two amazing bags. I always look forward to seeing your new unique designs!

  8. I also wanted to mention that both your bags look perfectly paired with that gray ruffled T-shirt!

  9. Beautiful bags and especially the last picture is sublime!

    I think I prefer not to drink too much over boiled brains...

  10. Great bags!!
    And I can't say I'm surprised to hear Turks eat brain, we Hungarians do to :D and not only brains, hehe :))) well, not me, but...