Thursday 23 August 2012

Our Creative Space...

To make a bag is easier than to sell a bag, no surprise here. And bags are bulky things, so we can not storage many.
So I have decided to make mostly very time roving bags to keep the production under control :) I need to make LESS bags.

Smocking is time roving enough, so it is the time for smocked bags.
Smocking is also one of the most effective ways to alter fabric. A simple stripe becomes something totally different. And it is easier than it seems.
And it is addictive, too

So it progresses rather quickly, till I run out of thread.
Shops are  closed for three days because it is the Sugar Feast,the three days lasting sugar overdose after the month of Ramadan, the month when muslims fast by day and gorge themselves at night.

This pretty painted linen will be the joke of the bag.
And what do you do when you can not continue because you have no thread?

You start a new bag, of course.

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  1. I love smocking, but I haven't done any for I want to do it again..thank you for your article!