Thursday 7 March 2013

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For online sellers packaging is a never ending topic. While some only see it as a protection for their often long journeys others make art pieces of their packages.
With our sea urchin items we have to buy strong and expensive boxes to be sure that everything arrives safe, we also do our best to make it pretty. But with larger objects it becomes harder. I showed you a way to recycle boxes here and here is an additional post.

For our bags we often use boxes, and for smaller purses bubble mailers. But we also have the very big weekenders which don't fit in a box. So for the very larger purses or for those who simply do not want to fit in anything we have been wanting to make nice bags to sent safely but also for the owner to storage the weekender or purse in to keep it clean.

We found a beautiful starfish embroidery pattern for our sewing machine and loved the outcome.
Under the star we wanted StarBags written under it, for a nice and professional look.
Bernina's users manuals should be some sort of crime, a huge book that is totally not understandable, it could have been much clearer with less words and more actual descriptions. Anyway as the manuel was no help I got what I wanted with a little snooping around on the machine.

Pretty cool, don't you think? While typing StarBags I also found a way to make the word roundish which I like alot.

And here is the result, a nice classy bag and in it is a weekender, it closes with strings and is a super strong double layered fabric, perfect to avoid dust and dirt when you are not using your StarBag :)

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