Thursday 14 March 2013

Our Creative Space...

You might know the saying: 'Things have to get worse before they get better'. At the moment we are at a terrible 'worse' state of reorganizing our workspace. We can't find a thing and we hardly have space to turn ourselves but soon our space will be even better then before, atleast that is the plan.

We bought some more storage cabinets during our last visit at IKEA and some furniture will be removed or changed of place to create even more space.

Through the years we have gotten more and more tools and supplies and we just really had to accomodate according to that, hopefully we can show you a spic and span working space soon :)

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  1. Haha Star This all looks so familiar to me "mess".I hope your re-organising goes well, the next trick is to remember where you tidily placed everything, that's the one that always gets me!Have fun :)

  2. So many staff, wow! I think I have same black comfortable chair from Ikea as yours!) But big and long table is a dream so far!) Good luck to make everything soon!