Wednesday 8 May 2013

Another little escape

As we work from home and are entirely dependent on our incomes from our online shops, weekends and vacations are pretty much out of the question for us. We work everyday and most often much longer then office hours.
Sounds like we are crazy but I know many people prefer to work like we do, a creative job, even if the hours are long, it is a satisfying life.

But like every person we also need some free time to re energize :)
We are very fortunate to live at a place where many people come by planes and cars to have vacation. The amount of bays are enormous and we most likely have only been to 20% of those bays in our surroundings, although we check a lot of them there are so many we will most likely never see them at all.

So yesterday we had an escape of a few hours and went down to several bays, collected some sea urchins (a little work related but fun) and enjoyed the beauty.

After the 15th of June these bays will be pretty crowded with local tourists, driving down from the big cities, but until the schools close down for the summer, these beaches our pretty much ours :)

Building houses in these kind of areas is forbidden but some of these lands are owned by people. As they can not build on them they often use the lands to grow things. Here you see a field right below the mountains and going down to the beach, filled with olive trees and surrounded by handmade stone walls. The walls are made of the stones that were on the fields and needed to be removed to be able to plant the trees. They are made in the old Greek fashion without the use of any cement, a real art on its own.

We also came across a wharf again, people working hard to fix the boats for the season, in a few weeks this place will be crowded with local tourists coming for the sea and boat trips.

For now the picnic tables, parasols and beach beds are waiting to be used.

In yet another bay were these amazing trees, hardly any earth left from the waves of the sea, they got tangled with a large rock, which most likely is the reason that they are still standing.

I know, we are lucky :) Hope you enjoyed this trip with us!


  1. I SO enjoyed this wonderful tour and photo reportage!!!! It not only reminds me of a sea which is dear to my heart... it also makes me feel closer to my Loved One, who's spending the season working -- guess WHERE?? In your town!!! We talk daily via Skype, and yesterday he told me he had a lovely tour woth his mountain bike on hilly trails... he must have seen very similar places to the ones you're showing!
    Thank you for this wonderful post, dear Estella!!! Hugs to you and your Mom, and I hope one day we'll be able to meet! :)

  2. Wooow! Amazing place!
    I want to live in a place like that :)

  3. You really are lucky :)
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow!
    Even though I know you work hard every day, and do long hours, I am now green with envy, even though I am counting myself very lucky on being where I am.
    I really rave flying over after seeing this, and be one of the tourists...
    Wonderful place!

  5. Wow! I will rather not say anything............. :P

  6. Having seen your Photos I start dreaming of summer immediately ! you are right to enjoy this wonderful place before it will be crowded with tourists!

  7. Lovely story and beautiful pictures... thank you :)