Thursday 30 May 2013

Our Creative Space...

My mother is addicted to crafty blogs, she loves looking at work of other's, lurking, and reading about crafter's lifes.
It always brings her pleasure going through these blogs, but this time she got herself in to trouble. She found a pattern through the blog GipsyBazar with the thought to make a bag out of it. But I convinced her to make a throw, like the original for me he he he :)
So instead of about 24 squares she'll have to make a hundred, I hope she'll still love me when she has finished it :D

I love the boho feeling and colorful pattern, and you can see how it will become below.

The last picture is taken from GipsyBazar, where you can find all the credits and buy the pattern.

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  1. What a lovely blanket. I love all the holes, and the fact it ends up stripey.