Thursday 11 December 2014

Silver Weaving

We just begun a new, very exciting class: silver weaving.

This kind of work is known as Trabzon (Trebizond) work and is done generally in 22kr gold. We begin with copper wire and than when the time is ripe, will continue with silver wire.

The teacher tells us that the technique has its origin in the Caucasus, where till World War I, was used to make body armor. You can use a bracelet to pull a car, so strong is it.

Here is a very nice YouTube film where the real thing (in gold) is shown. It is in Turkish,  but it is lovely and easy to follow. About six thousand women in Trabzon work in their homes making this kind of weaving or braiding.

The tools couldn't be simpler. A special pair of hand made tweezers, a pin or needle, and a tooth pick.

It is not easy to do, but we feel privileged to have access to such an special art form.

Besides the Trabzon work, we will learn many other types of silver braiding, used to make bezels, chains, and many other things.

All the braiding that you see in this jewelry is hand made.

For this work you use only a small vice and your hands.

The teacher is a lovely and competent woman and it is great fun.

Here you see the beginning of two different types of braids, with six and seven wires.


  1. So much work AND patience has to go into each piece!

  2. This tequnick is so cool! can't wait to see new items!

  3. This so interesting and amazing technique! Cool!

  4. This looks so cool! But I can't even imagine the amounts of time spent to make the first bracelet! It would take an year probably! :)))

    So I have to say congrats for your patience and you go girls ;)

  5. How thrilling! I love these very old techniques, this one is amazing.Looking forward what you'll make with this unique new skill!

  6. Hi there,
    I just came on your blog concerning the Trabzon weaving via Orchid jewellery forum at
    I was wondering whether you have any tutorials on the technique.
    I would love to purchase one if you have.
    Hans Meevis

  7. Hi, not sure if your still managing this blog, but I would love to know the technique for the trabzon weave. Could you post some steps on how to achieve this? Thanks.

    1. Hi here is a Turkish video, but the video shows it pretty clearly
      and another
      It is hard!