Tuesday 27 January 2015

Our Creative Space...

It has been ages since I showed some creative process and although I show some newly made stuff often, the process is often so intense that we forget to take pictures :)
Today I was busy with a sterling silver necklace with a rough quartz, as silver's process is a little slower I remembered to take pictures shortly after starting.

After drilling the silver plate I stuck these cute handmade ball pins in it and soldered them to the plate, I had the pins placed at specific places according to the shape of the stone so that it will stay nicely in to place.

After that I marked the shape of the stone with a sharpy and sawed it accordingly, accentuating the shape of the stone in the silver.

After being in the pickle, it was washed cleaned in the tumbler.

Tadaaaa, the stone fits perfectly, it was already evening by the time the pendant was ready but to give you an idea :)

It also has a soldered bail at the back and I need to make the chain for it, but I am happy with the result :)

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