Monday 27 July 2015

New Life, New Projects

A few years ago I showed how a pine tree comes to life, you can see it here :)
Usually every year we get a few babies among our plants, of course in pots they won't be able to grow. I found two new trees among my succulent plants and replanted them in a plastic box.

I will keep watering them and keep them near the spot where they appeared as they clearly liked the amount of sun, and will bring them to the mountains once the weather is cooler and the rain has start.
I will bring them to the mountain which burned a few years ago, as there is still a lack of trees there.

In the mean time we are widening our horizons of creativity and started a large project. We are planning to completely restore and re-upholster vintage furniture pieces. One finished we will sell them in our home decor shop. We are excited but it is scary too as they take a while to finish and it is a very different thing than we usually do but hopefully the results will be satisfying and rewarding :)


  1. Oh I find that awesome that you are slowly replanting trees :)

  2. Wow, that chair looks like some work! Document it, as I was thinking of making a couch for indoors after the success of the outdoor bench, but have no clue of how to do the cushions and padding :-)
    The chair looks very promising already in any case.

    And of course I really love you planting trees! After your cleaning beaches and sharing your recycling tips I wish everyone would share your morals...

  3. That's a wonderful idea Estella... replanting the trees to to burned forest. Wish more would do it!

  4. The planting trees project is something i've also been thinking about. Hopefully soon enough i'll be able to take on many new different projects like this one, but it's definitely difficult at the moment because of the lack of free time. :(

    The chair looks like it will need a whole lot of love before being ready for display! Good luck!! :)

  5. Lovely idea about replanting your little trees Estella!
    And about the furniture, it already looks terrific, as you can realise, I just can't wait to see the piece that will get out of it!