Thursday 16 February 2017

Bliss and Blessings

When the weather allows we always go out for a nice Sunday Brunch on Sunday with a friend. It is kind of a ritual for quite some time.
The places we go to eat are a bit out of town, closer to nature.

With birds staring at us while we are eating :)

Lush greens and forests are the way to the beaches which are of course our destination.

We enjoy the sun, fresh air and calmness but always do some exercise by bending a whole bunch of times to collect treasures.

We had the beach to ourselves this Sunday.

Better yet we found an incredible amount of small green urchins, yaaay! We had our green sea urchin earrings not in stock for about 2,5 years as we did not have the right urchins and mother nature was not giving any. Now we can finally remake them, this is really rare to find so many and especially in this size :)


  1. What a wonderful place. green sea urchins is a miracle

  2. wow! there is so many of them! This place is a dream for sunday brunch. ;-)

  3. Such a lovely place! And awesome you found so many urchins!

  4. A beautiful Sunday and a lot of treasures! Can't wait to see new creations with urchins!

  5. you are going to make beautiful things with that!! :D

  6. What a hunt! Can't wait to see the earrings!

  7. What a load of treasures. And nice sunny day.