Thursday 9 February 2017

Custom made Kilim Ottoman

At the end of last year we got a lovely convo through Etsy with the question if we could make a custom made ottoman according to a kilim the customer had. I replied that we could and after a few emails back and forth, receiving pictures of the kilim and their beautiful home and giving my mailing address I did not hear back again.

Thinking that she changed her mind it was a nice surprise to get a kilim in the mail a few weeks later. It was actually lucky she forgot to write me as I would have been looking for the perfect feet in the mean time at various places which I didn't, but we scored some beautiful vintage wooden feet just 2 days before the kilim arrived, it was just meant to be :)

I cleaned up the straight parts with a sanding machine and the remaining parts by hand.

And then we built a strong wooden skeleton exactly according to the size of the kilim, an impressive size of 38'' by 26 1/2'' (97 cm x 67 cm).

It was then time to decide on the paint.

We mailed between each step to be sure that we were on the right track and it was a fun project.

As the ottoman is so large I had to do the paintwork in the living room which has our biggest table.
After 7 layers of paint and varnish it was time for upholstering it :)

Strong webbing, on top of that fabric, then foam. Under some more fabric to cover the webbing and it was time to cut and sew the kilim.

Deciding on the little details, and then nailing the kilim in to place!

And a beautiful kilim ottoman as result :)

Normally we work the other way around, fixing furniture and finding stuff to cover it, it was nice to discover that we can do it another way too :)

This kilim is of course not for sale, but we have some pretty one of a kind furniture pieces in our StarHomeStudio shop.

And a little update: the ottoman in the customer's home :)


  1. How awesome!
    So glad you're getting custom requests for these furniture pieces!

  2. Waw, that is really great! It is indeed good to know you also manage to make furniture from 0 :-) Looking forward what creativity will bring you and what project you will share next time!!! It's such a pleasure watching the process!

  3. I liked your story. did a great job

  4. Incredible result as usual! Fantastic kilim!

  5. This piece is aboslutely gorgeous! Congratulations!

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