Tuesday 27 February 2018

Photo shoot Expedition - day 2

Here is the second day of last week's weekend, you can see the first day here.
Our first stop were Lycian tombs made a long time ago in the top mountains of Fethiye. The Lycians, from Cretan origin, were present between Fethiye and Antalya till about 42 BC.

On our way to our second stop we cam across two Ostriches, such funny creatures.

Their feet are huge, no wonder they can run 70 km an hour (45 mph)!

Our second stop took a few hours, it is Kayak√∂y or with its original name Levissi. It is an abandoned  town.

The town was deserted in 1923 and has two churches and used to house 3000 people. The Catholic Greeks had to move away due to the politic climate of those times.

Nature has been taking over the town, but not very much as it attracts visitors.

And also goats and sheep are keeping the grass at bay.

 It was a strange experience to walk around in such a ghost town.

Our third stop was Dalyan, both famous for being a popular place for Caretta Caretta's to lay their eggs on the beach and again some more beautiful tombs in the mountains. The Lycians,  were present between Fethiye and Antalya from 1400 BC till about 42 BC when Brutus invaded.

Our last stop was Akyaka, only 25 km from our town for another sunset shoot :)


  1. Such cool places to photograph! No wonder that abandoned town attracts tourists! I totally want to go there :D

  2. Thanks for sharing another beautiful gallery! Ostriches are so cute and I love your photos with flowers!

  3. Your trip was fascinating! I'm sorry that the religion of peace and goodness Islam did not allow the Greeks to live in this beautiful city

  4. you lady makes me love your blog with the first glance. love your photos, your greativity, the way you compain the nature and your inspirations with the products. You are an inspiration girl!