Tuesday 3 April 2018

Photo Expedition - Datça & Knidos

This Sunday I went to another photo expedition with my photography class. This time it was pretty close by to Datça first and then Knidos. Both are on the same Peninsula and have amazing bays but also history.

Datça is a village but it is popular for city people and a lot of people from Istanbul come here for vacations or even move here after retirement. So even though it is a village it doesn't really have the usual things 'true villages' have. Not much farming and such going on.

The old stone houses are very typical in this place, which makes it charming and photographic.

Lots of beautiful doors.

And abandoned school and Mosque, both emptied due to earthquake damage.

You could especially see lots of cracks at the mosque, the only person inside was a ginger cat but he didn't want to pose.

I adore these cute little narrow 'streets', reminds me of old stories and fairy tales.

We had terrific weather and great fun.

Love this paddle gate door :D

Evil eyes everywhere, I guess a neighbor was stealing the lemons :)

Silk thread from a cute little silk shop.

We then went to Knidos, horrible winding road, I think going with a boat would be more fun. The ruins in Knidos were kind of ruined, all ordered in rows, not nice at all, so that was disappointing. But pretty views, the lighthouse and the wildflowers were nice.

I love wild flowers, in the mountains as soon as you pay attention there are dozens of types and all so pretty.

 The details of the ruins were pretty too, but not really worth the horrible road :D

I prefer the sea, which was amazingly turquoise on Sunday, breathtaking colors.

I hope you enjoyed my day with me :)


  1. so very cool! love the pictures! Must have been a lot of fun too!

  2. Amazing place, I have visited Datça and Gökova several times, I adore it's nature, atmosphere, old houses, everything. You are lucky since you are living around that area. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! I am sure you are one of the best students in photography class!

  3. Another beautiful gallery!! Love your photos, every detail and that cute cat!

  4. Lovely to see those two places!Thanks for sharing!AriadnefromGreece!