Thursday 29 March 2018

Patchwork Challenge

I wanted to make a patchwork bag in which the bottom and the gusset would continue seamlessly in the body of the bag.

I hadn't used that construction before so it was a bit of a puzzle. I ironed the patches in a diagonal on interface, starting with the gusset/bottom part and filling the front and back afterwards.

It wasn't the most straightforward way possible, but I only could figure it out by doing it so.

After the bag was assembled this way I cut it open to be able to sew the patches together in a flat surface.

And then you can see how easy it really is if you know how ! Well, next time it will be easier :)

I love how slick the seamless construction looks!

The bag is available at StarBags, among other patchwork bags :)


  1. might have been a challenge, but I love the result! such a cool & happy bag!

  2. Great job, this is gorgeous! I love the color palette and the harlequin look.