Monday 19 March 2018

Newly Listed: Escher Inspired Bag

Escher Inspired Bag, Hand Crocheted Ton sur Ton Bag in Cream, Brown, Gray and Green tones by StarBags
Owl Winter Snow, Forest, Tree Branches, Birds Wildlife, Nature, Frozen Woods Photography by EclecticForest
Seashell Photograph Beach Art, Coastal Wall Print, Beach Photography, Cottage Coastal Decor by newleafpics
Old Stone Church Photograph, Ireland, foggy medieval ancient stone building, eery ruins by FirstLightPhoto


  1. Again you have created unique and beautiful items with amazing photos. I love crocheted bag the wise owl!

  2. Love the natural shade! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Escher was an incredible artist! such a fun bag! and as always love the pictures you picked to go with it!

  4. lovely bag, love the colors and the pattern