Thursday 8 March 2018

Get The Look Vol.10

We have listed lots of new Vintage treasures lately so time for another Get the Look :)
I love the look of birdcages, not their purpose, they look great with plants. Also love Baskets, our bird cage is kind of both at the same time!

Love these egg succulents, perfect for Easter but also Spring in general. We have a small selection of beautiful vintage Easter decorations in the shop.

This colorful kitschy flower look is not for everyone, but you can't deny its warm and homey feeling :) Our antique mirrors would be a good start for this look!

I love house shaped boxes and shelves, for some reason they are usually used for kid's rooms, I like them in general. We have a fun House shaped basket box from the 1980's.

I have shown oars before but I just love them and no one can stop me from sharing them again ;)
We only have this pair left, a pretty set to put in a corner or hang on the wall.


  1. I liked the house. This is a perfect gift

  2. very beautiful selection, love the eggshell planters so much

  3. love birdcages too! Been looking for a good metallic one for ages, not for plants nor birds, but to make an artwork.
    And great selection! Makes you want to redo all your house :)