Monday 18 June 2018

Hidden Beauty

It has been a while since we made our last big furniture piece.

This one was actually even worse with a horrible purple upholstery but I forgot to take a picture of it, I guess I wanted to get rid of that monstrous fabric asap.

After sanding, filling and painting its feet and making a new filling with fresh foam it already started to look better.

As we used a gorgeous vintage fabric we needed to be very careful before starting cutting the fabric, no room for error when your material is precious vintage handwoven fabric with hand embroidered flowers!

I got all giddy while making this, you can not not smile when you look at this chair :)

After all staple work was done it was time for the small finishing touches like blind stitching by hand for a smooth finishing. I prefer to do those outside for better light but miraculously we have been having rain these past few days (yaaay) so I did them in a funny way. Advantage when you work from home no need to get out of your comfy PJ's :)

Just some pretty trim for the front feet to cover the staples.

And she is ready!

My entire body aches, upholstery is hard work!

I love all the embroidered details!

This beautiful chair is available at StarHomeStudio among other unique furniture pieces.


  1. It turned out amazing! It is always nice to see you "save" the furniture.

  2. You can send that one over too ;) Don't know if the purple fabric was terrible...but that yellowed rubber moss is awful too...reminds me of a sofa from my childhood at my aunt's place...eeeeek...

  3. Gorgeous! Always excited to see your furniture posts! :)

  4. What a great job. And the fabric is absolutely charming!

  5.   I'm just wondering how it can be sent by mail? Can you scare the postal workers?

    1. With FedEx, it is too big for normal postal service.