Thursday 14 June 2018


Akyaka is a cute little coastal town just a half hour drive from our town.

It is especially popular among local tourists and College students from Mugla University as it is close by and there is no sea in Mugla it is a perfect weekend escape spot for them.

I went when it was not crowded yet, unfortunately it gets a bit too busy for my taste during the Summer so usually Spring and Fall is best.

These Geese had some issues among each other I think it was who is the boss contest.

One actually charged directly at me but I didn't budge so it lost interest right away :D

There are little boat trips you can take through the waters, which eventually end up at sea.

The water is super clear, I unfortunately had no underwater camera with me that day, will have to remember for my next visit.

Beside ducks and geese there were also a few beautiful dragonflies.

Akyaka has a very windy part of beach, and it is therefor very popular to Wind surf.

The local folk make a living with tourism and fish, and at a lot of places both are seen together. Some fishermen actually sell directly freshly made fish sandwiches from a boat.

And the sunsets are always amazing here, if you are in the neighbor hood, worth a visit :)


  1. beautiful pictures again!
    Especially love that first goose picture but also the dragonflies and those sunsets :)

  2. Your photos of birds....It looks very very pretty.

  3. These pictures are gorgeous - never seen so much details like the feathers or wings so clear.