Tuesday 20 November 2018

In the Mountains

The other day I went with some friends to another friend who recently moved to another town, a 1 hour drive from ours.

We brought some flowers for their new home and after a lovely brunch we went in to the mountains.

Because this town has no seashore and a much higher altitude the weather is cooler. But when we went in to the mountains we almost froze as it was very cold and we were totally not prepared for it!

We all did manage to take some photos between freezing, luckily our friends car had heated seats as we almost froze off our bums :D

Near the lake was chilling cold, and it has a very weird texture around it.

It seems that when the water became less it left an interesting texture behind.

We got higher and higher and it got colder and colder, and it turned out that we were not cold for nothing as we actually found ice! While our town was still 24 C (75F).

The landscape was rougher and interesting trees started to pop up the higher we went.

While it all looks lovely from the screen we were happy to go back to warmer places, next time we'll take our Winter gear with us :D


  1. What a wonderful hike you seem to have had! Beautiful photos!
    It must be strange with the change in temperature along the way. 24 degrees sound like a swedish summer day. Here is 0 now, so frozen puddles already at "ground level".

  2. Looks like a beautiful hike! And yes, in summer it's always a bit weird to go up in the mountains, as it's winter like up there :)
    The biggest difference I had was 30 down and almost 0 up :D

  3. It is gorgeous but I like warmer landscapes better ;)