Friday 2 November 2018

Vintage Toy Revamp

I'm still busy saving my photos, so no laptop yet. But that doesn't mean that we haven't been creatively busy.
This cute little toy crib is from the 1940's. Very shabby and very adorable, made in the same shape cribs were back then in Anatolia, Turkey.

With some brush cleaning and some black paint the body looked much better.

Then mum made a mattress, bedding and pillow.

The mattress is done the same style beds were made back then, between two layers of fabric there would be cotton, and it would be sewn together to keep its shape.

The blanket and pillow are made with a very traditional Turkish fabric.
Cribs were made without hardly any barriers as babies would be swaddled to the crib, so there was no way that they could fall out, needless to say that this system is hardly used anymore.

And I made an evil eye protection, as even toy babies can use some extra :)
The entire set is available at StarHomeStudio, perfect for doll collectors, especially folklore!


  1. she is so sweet You picked the fabric perfectly

  2. Cats would like that too...just saying ;)

  3. such a cool toy! would look great as home decor as well :)