Thursday 25 October 2018

Proof of Life

Just a proof of life :) Our lack of blogposts are not due to a vacation or anything fun but due to the fact that my laptop crashed. I've been busy trying to save thousands of photo's, something I could have avoided. A waste of time and super frustrating, recovering files (850.000 of them) takes many days of scanning and exporting so I will make do with other gadgets for a while until I have recovered my stuff. I hopefully found the right program as another did not manage to save my things. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed!


  1. My fingers are triple crossed! I lost everything when my PC crashed last spring. My encryption chip died and there was no way to retrieve my data (that wasn't exorbitantly priced or involved the CIA). I hope your issue is not so dire and your solutions work!!!

  2. Oh yikes! I hope you get it sorted out!
    Backup, folks, backup!

  3. Definitely invest in an external drive. I have everything stored in 3 places nowadays, laptop, extrenal drive and cloud.