Friday 5 October 2018

Get the Look Vol.12

If you like astronomy, like me, this print above is a great inexpensive print to adorn your home. My moon version is hand painted on wood with chrome hooks to make it hand as well as one o a kind.

There is a lot going on in this bedroom, and I love it all. From the colorful tapestries and cushions to the fluffy poufs. But we have a lot of colorful bohemian home products as well.
Like this big pouf with vintage tapestry and embroidery.

Colorful knitted wool cushions.

And big pouf cushions with fluffy embroidery and pompoms.

Pitch forks might be a weird decor idea but when they are handmade and very old they are very cool.
We have an instant collection available in our shop.

Handy to have a place to sit without ruining your just made bed, but it also just looks very pretty.
Our long kilim ottoman bench is a bit more colorful.

You got to love the Scandinavian timeless style, it never gets out of fashion.
Our little lamp is a mid century one, unlike the one above which is brand new.


  1. Esther Estella You make so diverse subjects. I would like to look at your workshop

  2. Lovely selection. I really like the bench...

  3. zivile.gabriele@hotmail.com7 October 2018 at 15:28

    nice selection, I love the bedroom