Monday 1 April 2019

Colorful Makeover

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are a ton of furniture projects in our atelier right now, I'm happy to say that the number went down to 9 :)
These lovely wooden feet were a score of our last USA travel at a thrift store.

And we choose all the materials and colors according to this lovely embroidery.

The feet became unrecognizable after their colorful makeover.

I built the body of the ottoman from salvaged wood. Normally the body doesn't need this much wood, but for this model it is required.

Last finishing touches!

Tadaaa! The upholstery was a challenge, the various layers, piping and the fact that the fabrics are striped made it very difficult, but the result was worth the trouble!

This pouf will definitely catch everyone's eye :)

I love the quirky cat :)

Except for the foam and webbing inside, all material is either vintage, salvaged or upcycled.
Available at StarHomeStudio.


  1. The striped fabric, even though you say it was a struggle, looks awesome! Totally worth it!

  2. Love the way the checked fabric echoes the checked cat! You find such wonderful embroideries and tapestries!

  3. Arghh I need this TT This is completely Alice in Wonderland, isn't it?

  4. I like these bright colors. and of course I like to watch the process

  5. Another glorious piece!
    One day I'll have to get one from you!