Friday 16 August 2019

Patched Up

We scored these 3 chairs quite a while back and they have been in our overfull attic ever since. They are very solid and heavy and have a fancy shape, however, their original upholstery was done with fake leather that was worn down till the thread, at some places there were even holes, even worse was that they were extremely sticky, some kind of chemical reaction to the leather with the heat or something.

They were extremely well upholstered, which was a pain to remove.

And while pealing things off it became clear why they are so heavy, 3 layers of wood! One layer for the feet, one for the seat and then the body as well, very well made (except for the choice of fabric).

The dark brown paint got sanded and then they got painted black.

Each will be different as we are using vintage embroidery for them. They will look great together as well as solo.

To match each embroidery we cut 60 (!!!) pieces of velvet from discontinued fabric catalogs for the back sides of the chairs.

180 pieces of straight cut velvet, it was a mess :)

But the results are worth it in the end, we had a perfectly matching patchwork.

Time to dress up the chair.

What a difference :)

I still had some hand sewing to do.

And time to cover up the ends and staples.

The saw was my birthday gift of this year, yes that was what I wanted :)

It is always the little finishing touches that take the most time.

All nicely covered up now :)

Now time to put all pieces back together!

I've made this chair in 5 different rooms and the terrace, she has traveled and my muscles are getting bigger :)

But the result is satisfying and worth all the muscle aches.

Hard to imagine that this is embroidery! The fabric is white!! Not a millimeter of fabric can be seen with all the stitches.

Cutting those pieces of fabric and painstakingly sewing them together was well worth the effort.

Beautiful from each and every side, one down still two to go!
Available at StarHomeStudio.


  1. I love beautiful strong chairs

  2. Beautiful! Your make-over furniture are really incredible :)

  3. WOW, perfect! Love your work! Really incredible ♥