Tuesday 17 September 2019

Kitchen Update

I finally got a little visible progress in the kitchen.

Removing the protective stickers already helped a lot.

The table is another project that I hope to finish this week. It is a gorgeous table which was our table in the Netherlands but it has been in the house in K├╝tahya for 22 years to it got some water damage. You'll see soon how that turns out.

I bought a special tile paint, it shines like tile and keeps the texture.

Ahhhh so much better, wish I had cleared things up before taking the photo but I had been painting for 4+ hours by then and just wanted to go home. The kitchen feels much more like it belongs to us. The shiny handles wouldn't be our choice either but we can live with those :) In the future we want to move the kitchen to a room that for now will be our office, a closed kitchen will be more practical with the dogs, but that is a big (expensive) change that will have to wait some years. The kitchen is also not designed very practical, I think there is like 8-9 meters between the fridge and the stove :D The kitchen is the only place we are not happy with of the house, but it is huge so that makes it up quite a bit.


  1. Much better all in white! I have painted tiles too, it works really well and holds very well too.
    I'd love a big kitchen like that, I dream of a central island...

  2. Even though the tiles were interesting, it is so much better in white!

  3. Definitely much better.. Good job. 4 hours is a big job!

  4. So much work, but it looks great ♥

  5. Kitchen are often badly thought to be honest. Yours doesn't look to bed, and yes, covering the tiles in white is much better :)