Tuesday 24 September 2019

Get the Look Vol.17

I love these wooden panels, it gives so much depth and warmth. But most are pretty much the same as they are new. We had a beautiful old chest, while the front was in pretty good condition with gorgeous hand-carved wood, the rest of the chest was made with cheaper wood and wasn't in good condition at all. So I removed the rest of the chest and made it ready for hanging. The original keyhole is perfect to hang it.

I love unusually shaped furniture pieces. The one on the top is a small new piece with fun shapes.
Our coffee table will fit much more stuff, plus it is an original mid-century piece made with reverse painted glass, bamboo and metal in a very cool shape.

Elephants in Hinduism and the Indian Culture are a symbol of intellectual strength and sturdy earthy mental strength. It is a sacred animal and is considered the representation or the living incarnation of Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity riding a mouse. Therefore there are many elephant sculptures from India in the shape of elephants, often very decorated. The one on the top is a beautiful new piece. The elephant available in our shop is from the 1970s entirely handmade.

Some collect teapots or teacups, but there are also tea stainer collections. Aren't these adorable?
We are selling an instant collection of vintage kitchen tin pieces.

I love the colors and quality of 1950s toys, the blue, turquoise, pink and red combo is still pretty today. We have a whole stash of old new stock handmade doll chairs from the 1950s, very primitive but pretty.

I love earthy handmade pottery, love the combination on these shelves with pottery, plants, wood and stones. I think this clay vase would fit right in.


  1. Nice selection...that elephant is really cute :)
    And I was not aware, but I do have a collection of tea strainers :D

  2. Great vintage finds and great ideas how to combine vintage and newer furniture.

  3. Such cool decorative pieces again!
    Really love that toy kitchen from the 50ies!