Wednesday 1 October 2008

Sugar Feast

Yesterday was the first day of the Sugar Feast, the three days holiday marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. So, while most of the population was having a serious sugar overdose, we went happily to have brunch to a for us new place.

I suppose that this is technically a swamp, stationary fresh water going over in the sea, but is very beautiful indeed.

It turned to be a delightful place, with lovely food. Somebody caring was clearly in charge, the menus were made with ‘ebru’, the paper marbling technique the Turks are masters in.

And the water seemed marbled as well!!

We were in good company …

After brunch we continued a bit along the coast.

To end the excursion with a beach walk. We are so lucky to have all this beauty within a short ride from our home!


  1. Looks like a great day - once I enjoyed a fish in a tiny place of southern Turkey on river (this place looks like it a bit) and now those times come to life once again. What a great way to wake up memories...

  2. Oh wow! What amazing scenery :-)
    You lucky bunny, great dinner place too.

  3. Its look a wonderful day for your Star:)

  4. I just love to see and read the blog posts when you show the amazing nature in Turkey!

  5. Wow, really beautiful and natural!I'm fed up with placed with so much bricks around!is just so relaxing to be around nature!

  6. Lovely! I think you might have everyone on the Euro streeteam wanting to come to visit you!!!

  7. I am green with envy, such a beautifl weather and place!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wow...such a beautiful place!

  9. Oh this is so lovely! Sunshine, Sea and Good Food...Heaven!

  10. What a marvelous spot for brunch. The menus are works of art! How delightful.

  11. Everything is absolutely beautiful!! I am so jealous.
    I miss Turkey.
    I am so glad I found ya'll.
    And 15 dogs. You have to be good people!!!