Wednesday 25 March 2009

A Day On the Beach Finds 2

Some more beach findings from the huge Etsy Sea:

Shell Photography- by SoZeSoZe
Sassy Sea Urchin Illustration- by Jessica Doyle
Sea Urchin Ring- from our shop
Driftwood Mirror Frame- by blackeyedsusan

I'm underwater holding my breath, hoping I can stay like this forever.
Having no problems. Just the silence of the ocean.
If I go to the surface I will no longer have the same feeling I have underwater.
I love swimming through the smooth, cold water.
Watching beinings pass by. Having to go to the surface to get some air, but sometimes feeling like I don't need air, that I can survive without it.
Feeling I can Live underwater forever.

Different Masks


  1. Beautiful finds, Star!! And the fishes make me longing to go home...

  2. Oh, I can feel the fresh sea air after reading this delightful post!
    ~Emily xx

  3. This is so lovely. You have a beautiful blog--I love the studio, and the views from your house. It all looks so idlyic!

  4. This is so beautiful. I love your blog, and the views from your home and the studio look so idylic! I'm a new fan...

  5. Well, you know how much all sea things touch me, right?
    As do your words. That feeling to just stay under water without any sorrows... :)

  6. great picks ! like that mirror a lot.

  7. Oh to stay underwater for ever, yes that would be amazing.

    Great finds to accompany that feeling!

  8. Beautiful mosaic, Star! I would love to live closer to the sea! :)

  9. When I am by the sea I feel a sense of peace and calm.
    I am now longing for warmer weather and a walk on the beach. I love all your inspiring picks. Beautiful post. :)

  10. I always love to see seafinds! beautiful!

  11. Wow, that mirror is just amazing.
    Great collection!

  12. great finds!!I love that mirror!!!!

  13. Gorgeous finds, Star! I can't wait to go on vacation :)

  14. I love the picture of the sea urchin, it's so pretty.