Monday 22 March 2010

Monday Moodboard

1. Ravenhill 2. atelierpompadour 3. PamelaAngus 4. PixelWildChild

It's Europe Week on Etsy! Everyone on the EuropeanStreetTeam is excited to see what will happen.
As we don't like to spoil surprises, I won't say untill it is actually running, but we are quiet excited too about something very nice which make us feel happy :) I'll blog about it tomorrow!
This week's moodboard is full of smiles and fluffy pinks.
Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Beautiful, charming, feminine,
    simple adorable!!!

  2. oooh, beautiful, sweet, romantic and happy!

  3. oooh, beautiful, sweet, romantic and happy!

  4. beautiful, sweet and romantic!!
    and I just found out about your littl esecret!

  5. So soft and romantic board! Like spring!

  6. What a beautiful, happy moodboard!

    and SUPER CONGRATS, your secret is no more! hehe

  7. I love this! So dreamy and fun!

  8. Beautiful moodboard!
    I also know your secret! Congrats!
    You really deserve it!!

  9. Ravenhill is my favorite etsy shop because I just adore Emily and her crafts, HOWEVER, I discovered your shop and blog on etsy today in the Quit Your Day Job interview.

    You did a lovely job describing your business success and hard work. I appreciate your honesty regarding what persistence and vision it takes to carry on when things look bleak. I think that's the same story in every long-lived, successful business. Can't wait to visit more of your blog.

    -- michele