Sunday 30 May 2010

The Fordite Bag

As many didn't know Faux Chenille we wanted to show you the result!
Freshly listed in our bag shop.

And as we mentioned Fordite, here you can see why our bag reminds us of it and here some pictures and the process of Fordite:

Fordite also known as Dagenham agate is a very rare and special material that was a by product of the process of spraying multiple units in the spray booths at the Ford plant. It was made from the overspray of auto paint that accumulated and built up on certain pieces of equipment in the spray booths over a long period of time. Each layer being baked many times over. They are very light in weight and hardwearing.


  1. The bag turned out great Estella ! I wanna try it too, but first my hand must heal :(

  2. What a lovely bag this is. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Ok I may seem out of my realm here but I found your information excellent regarding the by products from the Ford plant paint booth. Thank you.

  4. i have learned something again :-)